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Nasreen Cariem is a registered occupational therapist in a private practice, conveniently located centrally in both the southern suburbs and northen suburbs. Her greatest passion is working with children and bringing out their holistic best from within themselves. With adults, Nasreen does work evaluations, medico-legals and hand therapy which enables treatment of any hand condition.

Parenting: Understanding Learning Difficulties

KFM Interview Questions about Occupational Therapy


Mediclinic Milnerton is situated in the seaside town of Milnerton in the Western Cape. The hospital offers local, national and international patients a broad spectrum of professional medical services

Milnerton Primary

At MPS we have a dedicated, passionate staff who care about each and every child in their care

Star College

We offer all children irrespective of race, religion or backgrounds, a quality education particularly in the field of maths, science, computers and technology

Plumstead Prep

At Plumstead Preparatory school is a foundation phase educational institution whoch caters fo learners from grade R to grade 3.


Nasreen has a BSc Honours degree inOccupational Therapy as well as a Diploma in Montessori Education with foundation phase teaching experience and has furthermore a Certificate in Play Therapy. Hence she has a strong understanding of a child’s needs as well as how their minds work and uses this understanding to assist every child whom she feels blessed to work with in minimizing their weaknesses while heightening their strengths. The most rewarding part for Nasreen is being able to observe the transformational journey of each child as they become their unique best!

Furthermore, with adults, Nasreen is committed and dedicated to ensuring that every patient achieves their desired outcome with their work evaluations, medico-legal reports as well as hand therapy.



Children who experience challenges within:
  • Concentration
  • Following instructions
  • Muscle Tone (Postural and/or trunk control)
  • Gross Motor Coordination (movements involving the shoulder girdle)
  • Fine Motor Coordination (pencil grip)
  • Visual Perception
  • Handwriting
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    Adults Who Require:

    Work evaluation, which enables any patient who is suffering from any physical, mental and/or emotionally debilitating condition which adversely impacts on their work performance to be evaluated for being medically boarded, placed on incapacity leave or alternative employment options..

    Medico-legals, which Nasreen assesses individuals who have been affected by a road accident to be rightfully compensated for their functional losses encountered



    Mr Mulder

    Keira joined Nasreen as a shy, slightly introverted young lady , who was struggling with a few aspects at school which in turn affected her grades . We had a consultation with Nasreen , and I knew immediately she would be in good hands . A parent just knows when their kids are with someone nurturing and who has their best interest at heart . Within two months , Keira had almost made a complete 180 degree turn around in class and in her social capacity . She was more confident , alert and receptive to challenges . Her grades at school made a marked improvement too . She is currently still receiving OT from Nasreen as I firmly believe it can only improve Keira’s ongoing growth , socially and academically . Thanks Nasreen so much for all your care and help with Keira’s positive development .


    Mr and Mrs Sadak

    I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Nasreen, for her time and effort spent working with my son. There has been a dramatic improvement in him behaviourally, academically and socially. His fine motor skills have improved and all round results are clearly noticable, he now beams with confidence. Nasreen herself is an acommodating and very pleasent person.I would highly recomend her as an O.T


    Zahra & Waseem Isaacs

    Since coming to Nasreen, Waseem has become a more confident, eager little boy. He has gone from not completing tasks in class, to wanting to finish first. Homework is no longer a tearful, frustrating chore ( for mom and son :), but done with a smile. He is now proud of what he accomplishes, and his impressive school reports are a testament to that. Thank you Nasreen for making OT a fun and happy experience for Waseem, so much so that he has grown in so many aspects of his little life. He could not have done it without your encouragement and faith in him an his abilities. Keep on doing what youre doing


    Mr and Mrs Oppelt

    My Name is Patrick Oppelt, parent to Matthew Oppelt. My son had a speech problem and as a parent I was very concerned about my childs growth. So Me and my wife decided to get him the proper help he needed. So we called Milnerton Medi Clinic and was directed to Mrs Cariem office. The first moment we met, we as parents could just felt the warmth and love that Mrs Cariem displayed towards our son. My son was very shy and did not under normal circumstances allow any person to just come near him, but Nasreen made him so comfortable that he went in for the therapy on his own with her in the room and that amazed us, from there it was non stop, he has developed into such an open minded boy, now he doesn't stop talking at all, his skills has so much improved and he has so much confidence. Thank U Nasreen for the big role u are playing in my son's life and to so many people. We as a family appreciate what you are doing. It might seem small to the world out there but its big steps to the little ones that step into your room being transformed into a new kid. So job well done we salute u!

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